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take control of



by taking control of your thoughts and managing your emotions. Fear and greed are the root emotions that inhibit trading performance.  There is no way to get rid of emotion since it results from thought. Our thoughts sometimes betray us and our reasoning abilities; when emotion is high, reasoning is low. 

Join our  highly motivational weekly Buddy Group Mentoring sessions so you can:

  • Rekindle your passion for trading

  • Renew your belief in your abilities

  • Learn how professional traders think

  • Learn and habituate techniques and trading routines to manage the strong emotions of fear and greed. 

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Detect & Destroy



Debilitating beliefs, false assumptions, negative attitudes, paralyzing thoughts, destructive habits and more "demons" exist that prevent profitable performance and success in our trading. Vigilant we must become in identifying and defending ourselves from...ourselves.

stop dreaming


Join our  highly instructional trading rooms to observe and duplicate consistent and disciplined trading of the markets with a veteran trader. Includes:

  • Futures & Commodities

  • /ES, /RTY, /GC, Micros & others)

  • SPX & Equity Options




for your come-backs. This phrase is from professional motivational speaker Steve Siebold and his book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. Champions and world-class thinkers view their set-backs as opportunities to turn them into come-back stories. 

Learn how to overcome your trading set-backs and train your mind to quickly recover from losing trades, losing days and losing streaks. Discover the power in creating your own come-backs from seemingly dire situations.  

Learn to trade with confidence again!

How We Help You Do It


Begin with an inventory of your market knowledge and trading skills. Also of what you know about yourself as a trader.


How to discover what is causing you to struggle with execution of your knowledge. How to connect beliefs and thoughts to behaviors and habits


What knowledge or skills do you still need to bridge the gap from knowing and doing? How to bridge your knowledge into better execution with action steps.


Requiring return and report of performance. When performance is measured and reported the rate of improvement increases. 

What You Need to Do

1. What do you want to accomplish in your trading?

2. How long have you been working on this?

3. What have you done or tried to get there?

4. How has that worked?

5. How much has this cost you?

6. If nothing changes, are you ok with that?

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