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Two of my greatest motivations to trade are first, to have the freedom to spend my time the way I desire, to spend more of my time with my wife and six kids, and second, to help others to achieve the same. 


Started trading in 2009,   I know what it takes to be a consistent, disciplined and profitable trader. In 2017, I left my  9-5 job to trade full-time. I also trade for a Forex prop firm called the Apiary Fund. 


From a trading supervisor of licensed stock brokers to a trade mentor/coach with a small proprietorship trading firm, I have helped hundreds of traders improve their trading performance and achieve the results they seek and deserve. 

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Trading Buddy

Kevin has spent the last 15 years studying and trading the markets and is a self-taught trader of futures, forex and options. After working as a licensed broker (FINRA Series 7, 63) and supervisor (FINRA Series 9, 10) with TD Ameritrade and Fidelity Investments, he left the financial services industry in July of 2017 to test the full-time trading waters and make trading his full-time profession. 

                Kevin is a living testament that normal people can succeed at trading the markets. He’s a normal guy, with the normal dream to trade for a living and enjoy the freedom it brings. He’s living it, fighting to keep it that way and loving it. He has worked with the Apiary Investment Fund team as a Trade Partner and trading instructor for a chance to give back and help others fight for their trading dreams too. He's also worked with a start up company, Lion Risk Management, as their Chief Trading Officer, to build risk management toolkit and risk academy curriculum for forex traders. 

                Fun facts: Married to Katie for 16 years, together they homeschool their six crazy but amazing kids.  He loves music and plays the piano and organ for his church congregation, loves sports (especially bowling and basketball) and he learned to speak Russian fluently while serving a two-year church mission in the Ukraine. He is a man of faith and loves serving God through serving others. Kevin has earned a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Business Administration and is currently studying Behavioral Finance and Neuroeconomics to help better understand traders' decision making process." 

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