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 "I am very impressed by you and what you accomplish in life, on a personal and professional level as well. What a great human being you are. We need more like you. The world would be a lot better. :-)


I never miss our weekly group meetings nor your live trading, either live or by watching the recording. These are the best tools to help so far. You are doing an amazing job at motivating, training and giving hope to us. ;-)


My year 2019 has been one of the best of my life. Finding you somewhere in 2019 changed my life for the best. I am not talking only for the trading, but also for being a better person. I am very thankful for that."

— Remi L, Quebec Canada

Steve W., Utah

"Kevin, Thanks for the advice and mentoring.  Just wanted to give you an update of the last two weeks.  


First, you have helped me greatly.  I used to be upset about my losses and would try to continue to jump in trying to catch the big move and home runs to make them back.  This has caused me to continue to lose money and blow up accounts over the last 5 years of part-time and occasional trading.  The last couple of months, especially the last month, working with you has changed my attitude, processes and outlook concerning my future trading career. I still have a lot of work to do, but feel so much more like I am on the right track.  I have always thought that trading would give me an opportunity provide more for my family and my dreams about the lifestyle I would like to live, but just kept struggling and wondering if I could ever really make it work. I am so much more relaxed with my trading and can see a light starting to shine at me looking forward into the future.  Thank you so much!


Last week trying to run the elections and other things at work and home, I wasn't able to sit down and trade like I had the previous two weeks.  When I did take a few minutes to try and trade, I just couldn't seem to get in the right mindset.  I didn't want to screw up my prefund account, and put myself in a hole right to start with, but lo and behold that is exactly what I did.  Over the weekend I thought a lot about it and reminded myself that I am a consistent, disciplined and profitable trader. I also thought about our discussions and your confidence in me.  I have paid for a lot of training and over the years and purchased a lot of programs, giving me the knowledge I need to trade, but struggled with the execution.  You have helped me get the right mindset and understanding of letting the losses and bad things go and continue to work on the consistent wins. a little at a time, to build up my confidence as well my account.  It was a great discussion tonight.


Anyway, here are my results the last two weeks.  So excited to actually see progress in my trading and in my future.  Glad to be part of your team as we all move forward."

Frank B., Maryland

Dear Instructor Pyne,

Thank you for an excellent experience.


You distinguished yourself through your experience, your generosity, and your expert articulation of your experience. For example, your sayings "the slow way is the fast way" and "allow for boring trading to lead to exciting results" are very creative and can easily be dismissed as cliches. However, these maxims address directly our experiences with veracity, precision, and accuracy. One former Operator (not sure, most likely he was at least Vietnam Era US Army Special Forces, aka Green Berets) gave me the maxim "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast." This saying has saved my life on my long car commutes to my office. Listening to you gives an understanding of why the best poets in Western Civilization sought to capture truth and beauty. both in language and in life.


I am applying your lesson about self-affirmation. However, being around you and the Instructor Corps has me working to achieve even more. After meeting you, I not only want to be the best trader I can be, but I also want to be the best son, brother, and--when the right young lady takes my hand in marriage--the best husband and father I can be. I will be praying extra hard for your music ministry, the health of you and your family (your sons, including Henry), and for your continued success as a professional trader and trading coach.


Thanks Again,



Philip A., Australia

"Thank you, Kevin!

I googled what a mentor is, what makes a good mentor before we started and you tick every box, I kid you not. 

1. Willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise

2. Demonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model

3. Takes a personal interest in the person being mentored

4. Exhibits enthusiasm in the field

5. Values ongoing learning and growth 

6. Provides guidance and constructive feedback

7. Respected by colleagues

8. Sets and meets ongoing personal goals

9. Values the opinion and initiative of others

10. Motivates others by setting a good example

You tick every box! I am so impressed! Good on you, man!"

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