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Mentally Capable 
Emotionally Stable &
Consistently Profitable

Turning Struggling Traders Into Profitable Traders


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P3 Method Premium Trading

Learn to trade in any market during any time frame learning these fundamental principles of trading

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The Struggling Trader 

All successful traders have struggled at times. In fact, the struggle is part of the path towards success. Learn to better navigate the struggle you're going through with this course.


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Observe my P3 Method while trading the Forex markets. Learn how to:

  • Properly manage risk

  • Pre-plan your entries and positions

  • Manage trades to make money even if you're wrong on the direction

Observe my P3 Method while trading the Futures markets. Learn how to:

  • Trade the micro contracts

  • Develop your own method using the P3 Method foundations

  • Manage your emotions while trading


Develop the daily habit and routine of always checking your trading results and grading your performance of your trading method. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement increases.

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Not everyone can afford personalized one on one coaching. This class gives you the opportunity to receive the same type of discussion and accountability as a personalized mentoring session but in a group setting. 

Your Trading Buddy


Professional Futures & Forex Trader

Trading Instructor, Mentor & Coach

Creator, Trading Buddy System

This will probably jinx me, but you should know this, you are killing it as a teacher, man. This is absolutely the best I have ever done. Thank you, Thank You! for the coaching and Training. You are a wonderful Teacher, thank you so much.

Don C.

I want to sincerely thank you for your down to heart teaching and sincere encouragement in our just concluded class. You are such a wonderful teacher and encourager.  I am grateful to you.

Nathaniel O.

I have paid for a lot of training and over the years and purchased a lot of programs, giving me the knowledge I need to trade, but struggled with the execution.  You have helped me get the right mindset and understanding of letting the losses and bad things go and continue to work on the consistent wins. a little at a time, to build up my confidence as well my account.

Steve W.

I never miss our weekly group meetings nor your live trading, either live or by watching the recording. These are the best tools to help so far. You are doing an amazing job at motivating, training and giving hope to us.

Remi L.


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Become a Trading Mentor

favorite new logo no phrase copy.jpg a mentoring system to help new and experienced traders who need to develop the right trading beliefs and habits to become profitable traders.  As you become a more confident and successful trader,  you can help other traders who could benefit from YOUR experience.  You too can become a trading mentor!

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