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Krewe Captain, Trading Coach & Instructor

When it comes to trading and mentoring other traders, I am a man of many hats. It is no different at Trader on the Street. Following the lead of Founder and Head Trader, Shawn Lucas, one of the greatest traders I've ever known (no doubt THE greatest I know personally), training, teaching and mentoring traders, rookie or veteran, is our focus and my desire. You want to become a better trader with an amazing community to back you up, check out Trader on the Street!

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Apiary Investment Fund

You can qualify to be a trader for Trader on the Street's professional forex prop fund! There are many prop firm's out there that offer challenges in order to trade their capital. Trader on the Street's Shawn Lucas developed this fund to be unlike any other. Having been a funded trader of this fund for the last 4 years, and tried out many other prop firms in the industry, I can genuinely say that nothing compares with the ApiaryFund. Coupled with the education and value of Trader on the Street, this is the place to be to learn everything it takes to become a professional trader and qualify for the capital to prove it! If you're looking to become an all-star forex trader, look no further!

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EDGE CLEAR/Convergent Trading

Perhaps you have heard of FuturesTrader71, perhaps you haven't. If you trade any of the index futures or micros contracts, you must get know Morad Askar.  His brokerage to trade futures at Edge Clear have some of the best commissions and best feeds in the industry, not to mention service. Listening to Morad's Trader Bite each morning has been a must have for me for several years. If you're striving to day trade futures better, becoming part of Convergent Trading and Edge Clear and using their platform EdgeClear Pro X is a must!  (seriously, guys and gals, great trading, great people, great platform, great service, great commissions, need I go on?)

Ask for Giancarlo and tell him I sent you! ;)

The LION Risk Management - Tradeana

Need help knowing how to manage your risk? I am part of the The Lion Risk Management team developing a tool to help traders of all markets to better manage their trading risk. While still in development mode, it will feature a risk management and effective leverage calculation that will help traders to maximize their profits while safely managing their risk. Also, one of my own inventions will be a part of the tool that will help trader manage their emotions while trading, called the Emotional Guardian. Stay tuned for updates!

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