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Trading Buddy Mentoring Plans

Many successful traders have enlisted the help of a mentor to help guide and encourage them. A trading mentor can greatly influence and impact your probabilities of success as a trader. Your desire to change your trading results starts with your willingness to make changes within yourself, not just your trading strategy. Are your struggles in your trading due to lack of a profitable trading process, with your discipline to risk management, or with your ability to manage the vast array of emotions that we as traders feel? One of the purposes of the Trading Buddy System is to help you discover how to be the best trader you can be, and then become a mentor to yourself and others.

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  • Uncovering limiting beliefs

  • Identifying current struggles

  • Re-framing past trading injuries & negative experiences

  • Acquiring confidence in yourself and your trading plan

  • Gaining control over your trading behaviors

  • Developing stronger emotional intelligence

  • Creating new, successful behaviors

  • Inspiring and motivating you to become more independent

  • Planning your future trading self

Mentoring Plans

*MENTORING PLANS come will a purchase of a FUNDING CHALLENGE, so your investment in yourself can get two birds with one stone: One on one mentoring sessions as well as a funded account which will compound into more trading capital as your trading improves and proves profitable and consistent.

Contact Kevin for more details if interested:*

*Plan comes with two courses at no extra  charge* 

*Limited Spots Available*

*Plan comes with all courses at no extra charge*


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